Graphic Design, Print, Packaging, Concept

I made a tribute to Morgane VanTorre. As a concept, I focussed on the 18th-century aesthetics of France. She’s a typographic talent based in Paris who is madly passionate about what she does. She focuses her practice on type design, editorial and graphic design, as well as web design. Besides her projects, she also loves to think and write about her discipline.

Wooden case
Stone for stone carving

The Identity of Planet Earth
Visual Identity, Motion, Storytelling, Concept

Everything around us is part of the world's identity, everything we see is part of the world's identity, everything we make is part of the world's identity.

The identity is not created by the government or a company. It is created by you, me, and everyone else on this planet. The identity of planet earth is made by us.

Bachelor project
LUCA Visual Design 

Graphic Design, Print design, Typography

I designed the MacRaes (the life of things) magazine in collaboration with Sarah De Laet︎︎︎. In this edition, we talk about the Lamp. To keep the 100 pages interesting, we played a lot with our typographic system. We designed many images ourselves and interviewed Vincent Van Duysen, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen.

Furthermore, we have worked on many different types of paper, from fluorescent to glossy and tracing paper. To make things more exciting, we riso printed a whole chapter.

100 Pages
3 Covers
3 Back Covers

Visual Identity

Et Maintenant C’est Bon is a creative music collective that focuses on the genres Drum ‘n Bass and French songs. They want to create a dreamy and happy world where everything is plastic perfect. The visual identity is a mix of strong compositions of typography and 3D visuals.

In collaboration with Dries Voet, Fidel Storme and Brecht Jongbloet.

A2 Poster (2)
Logo Design
Backdrop Video
Social Media Posts

Poster, Concept, Screen Printing

The idea was to create a fictive person with a TV as head. Since video became the new star, the created character has a confident appearance. Afterwards, I made some screenprints of this design.

A2 Poster
Screen Printed T-Shirt
Screen Printed A2 Poster
Screen Printed A6 Cotton Paper (deckle edge)